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Clients Ready For A Project

If your request is just a few tweaks on your website, we invite you to look at our monthly support plans as this can be included in month-to-month maintenance. Otherwise, projects we work typically focus on a website re-design or brand new website - full project in need of quality research and planning, design and development. View "Our Process" to read more.

Clients Who Have A Product or Service

There are many clients who just need a website presence as a pseudo business card, and although we are happy to work with those clients, we encourage them to think of their website as a gateway to more business. Results can come is all shapes and sizes, including happening offline, as in increased phone calls or email inquiries that lead to more business.

Clients Who Have Passion To Learn

The internet is a gateway to amazing possibilities. We build sites that can be managed by our clients with a WordPress backend, so although we maintain websites for our clients, we love to see clients learn how to add and edit pages themselves, post to a blog or manage products. 

Clients Who Are Goals Driven

If you don’t have clear goals, we are going to have a hard time pleasing you. Clients who are decisive about what they want end up with a dynamic website that works to achieve and satisfy their expectations.

Why Budget Matters

Its always surprising to see businesses invest tens of thousands of dollars in an office or storefront but expect to create a website, their virtual storefront or front-facing office, as cheap and fast as possible. If you really want to knock one out of the park,  you are going to need to treat this as an investment and we’ll do everything possible to achieve a positive return. We find solutions for all kinds budgets, and fight to give the client the most they can get for what they invest.

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What Other Are Saying

KR Media and Designs is the wonderful creative force behind the new website.  [Kristina Romero] is lovely, incredibly talented and can build a great site for you. David and I can't recommend Kristina more highly.

In addition to being great to work with, Kristina has been great at finding creative and affordable ways to stretch the boundaries of WordPress to add custom features to our website.

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