Dynamic Websites for Online Courses

Private Content, Community, Gamification

Why A "Learning Management System" Website?

Control membership access, drip feed content and manage groups of students.

Promote community with forums, gamification, event calendar and more.

Unlimited potential for growth and expansion on a platform you own.

Solutions we integrate

Protected member login

Responsive design

Multi-Tier courses

Drip feed course content


Social media style community features


Gamification and certificates

Full control of member access

Event calendars

E-commerce for recurring subscriptions

Just to name a few...


Content Creation


Learn how to create the content for you LMS website through RockStar Empires! As a partner in RSE, priority and special pricing are available only to RockStar Empire members.

Not for the faint of heart

These amazing sites we build are more than just a place to park your valuable content. As coach at WP Elevation and partner at RockStar Empires, Kristina Romero is very familiar with the level of dedication needed to use a website to create recurring revenue, ongoing community and a powerful brand. If you are ready for taking your business to the next level, you are in the right place. 

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