Accessibility Monitoring & Support

$79.00 / month

In recent years, discussions about the need for increased digital accessibility have certainly increased. But providing accessibility measures on your website is usually trotted out as a way to avoid lawsuits or as a way to accommodate a small number of people in need. Digital accessibility isn’t charity, and it’s much more than a way to protect yourself from legal concerns.

Think about it this way: at some point in your life, you, the reader, will almost certainly benefit from some kind of accessibility technology.

At KRMD, we believe every website should be accessible and that’s why we build our websites with accessibility top of mind. Your site will be accessible to all people as soon as it goes live. Once that happens, it’s important to maintain that accessibility as your site undergoes post-launch changes. We can provide ongoing support for all your accessibility needs.

KRMD provides software and support to help keep your site accessible. We also provide tools for those with accessibility needs. To see our tools in action, go to and click the green icon in the lower-right corner.

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