Tools We Use at KRMD

For more info:

ManageWP (affiliate link)

We use ManageWP to coordinate updates of WordPress and it's plugins as well as generate beautiful reports.

WooCommerce Subscriptions
WooCommerce Stripe Gateway
Groups for WooCommerce
WooCommerce - Gravity Forms Product Add-Ons
Follow Up Emails allows us to create dynamic dashboard for our clients with analytics from across the web. (affiliate link)

A project manager that allows for time-tracking, and project based permissions - a helpful tool when working with others.

17 Hats (affiliate link)

By far the best application for sole-entrepreneurs - I take advantage of the invoicing system, bookkeeping and workflow functionality.

WP Engine (affiliate link)

Our top choice for hosting.  Offers the best performance and security, as well as the fastest support response time.

I have everyone schedule phone calls through this handy online scheduler which syncs with my Google Calendar (which syncs with my iPhone). I couldn't live without it.

KarmaGo (affiliate link)

Use for WiFi on the go. Much safer and more secure than using public WiFi - plus its Pay-as-you-Go! (United States only)

Great quality mic for Skype phone calls, webinars and Google Hangouts!

BackupBuddy (affiliate link)

The best backup plugin, syncs with many third parties for storage and scheduling. 

iThemes Security (affiliate link)

Our choice of plugin for locking down a WordPress website.